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October 28th, 2009 Kyle No comments

Hi Kyle here again,
So I figured I’d go into a bit more detail about a few of the products since I really think they’re great, and for any of you that are thinking about buying them or think they might not work, I’ll describe how I use them and hopefully that will help. This is an uncensored review so be warned I’ll be going into indepth examples of it. If you think you already know or don’t care to read about it I’d suggest just checking out the site directly Click here for Tenga FlipHole

Or you can check out this great Youtube video I found about the Tenga FlipHole.

Click Here for the Tenga FlipHole Video.  This isn’t the most discrete male sex toy they offer, but it’s definitely the one that will give you the most pleasure from your male masturbation.  The Tenga FlipHole has taken the the fleshlight concept and brought it to a whole new level of pleasure.

It’s easy to wash, easy to use and feels AMAZING.  I found that using only a little bit of the provide Lube worked fine and didn’t make a big mess.  I got a little crazy the first time and the lube squeezed out the Anyways My hats off to Tenga since they definitly did they research on male masturbation and the is the closet thing to a male vibrator, you’ll find that doesn’t take batteries. It has three buttons on the sides that you can squeeze and make it feel different. Which basically makes everytime you Masturbate feel different.  I use hand soap to clean it and it dries in a few minutes.  The is one of the best male sex toys I’ve seen and I’ve actually recommended it to a few of my friends.  It also comes witha  few lotions that are suppose to enhance the Male Pleasure but honestly I only used them twice. I found this new age Male vibratorto work great with just a little bit of lube and that’s it. 

That’s all I have to say about the fliphole for now. Check out the video if you’d like it goes into great detail, or click here for Tenga Fliphole and check out the product first hand.

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Tenga Male Sex Toys

October 23rd, 2009 Kyle No comments

Hi Kyle here and you’re about to read my uncensored review of the tenga male sex toys. Please note that this is purely a review and not a place to purchase the prooduct.  If you’re interested in buying one of the Tenga male sex toys then please Click here for Tenga Male Sex Toys.

Why am I writting this? Well it’s simple. When I was looking at buying the Tenga male sex toys, I really didn’t find any worthwhile reviews out there. So I figured I’d take charge and write my own.  Be warned though I’m going to describe the good and the bad popints of the products so if this isn’t something you’re into then you might aswell leave now.

I’ve tried lots of products to enhance my masturbation needs and I found them either too bulky or not so discrete when it came time to putting them away.  Even though everyone knows guys like to masturbate it’s not like I want to leave this huge flash light looking thing on my desk for all to see.  Well then I discovered the Tenga male masturbation products.  I have to admit at first I was VERY weary about them cause of the price. I’ve seen some toys go as high as 200$ and these ones started as cheap as 20$. So right away I figured something was up. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It’s probably the best 20$ I’ve spent at first.  I found the sensation to be amazing, and the first time I used it , I came more then I ever had in a long time.  Since it was so small cleaning it was easy, and at the price you can even throw it out and buy a new one and not feel like you’re wasting money.

You can definitely tell this product was made by a guy who knew how to stimulate another guy.  I’v also tried the fliphole it took me a little while to get use to the funky design of it. Once I got over the layout of it, it worked great.  I love how I can adjust the sensations so each time is different. 

The one thing I didn’t like about the fliphole was the size. I found it a bit big but still alot smaller then my fleshlight.  However I still had to find a creative place to keep it when not using it so the rest of the household didn’t think I was some kind of perv, and ask embarassing questions.   The other thing which took me awhile to get used to was the lube. I’m not a big fan of lube I find it sticky and messy.  You can use it with or without the lube, however after trying it a couple of times with the lube, I don’t mind it anymore.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about the tenga products for male masturbation. I hope this helps you in your decision and you enjoy it as much as I did. You can check out their full line of discrete products by Clicking here to visit Tenga Male Sex Toys.

Feel free to make a comment about how you liked it and share your experience with others who might stop by.


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